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I’ve been terrified to post this, because it makes me feel sick to my stomach. Because “It wasn’t like that with me, was it?” (translation: “This can’t be happening to me”. Because my friends have already been hurt enough by this asshole and they don’t need anymore pain because of him.

With all the sexual abuse on Youtube that’s been coming out lately, I’ve been feeling more and more like I should finally say something. I knew a lot of the people this happened to. I knew about it when it was happening. My friends were getting hurt and there was nothing I could do about it at the time.

But now I can speak out. I’ll say it. And maybe by doing that I can help others come forward.

I knew Harry because of a mutual friend of ours. We met in 2012 because somebody was making something for Youtube. They came down to Essex (where I was living at the time) with another guy to shoot a video with a friend of ours. I was invited over to help out at the last minute because I lived close by, I was good friends with the person who had invited everyone over, and I was also a content creator on the site at the time. So I went over and we met, and it seemed like we really hit it off. We took a bunch of cutesie selfies together, we bounced creative ideas off of each other, we flirted a lot, and we cuddled up on the sofa for most of the evening. I went home, all of us chatted via BlogTV I think it was? It was funny and great and I thought I’d had a really good evening.

They added me on Skype the same night. We started chatting, flirting and joking. It was I think maybe a week after this flirting started, maybe less, I broke up with my then girlfriend. I’d been talking to him about her during that time, and I thought he’d been helping me through it, giving me advice on how to maybe fix my relationship. When I look back on it, he was really just encouraging me to break up with her.

So the time came and I did break up with her, and I believe it was a combination of what he had said, actual issues within our relationship, and also the fact that I’d just gotten out of my first serious long term relationship and I was still pretty torn up about that.

That same night when I thought he was comforting me through it, he made a move on me. I was crying, hurting, and I was the most vulnerable I’d been that entire year. Possibly in my entire life. But he still made sexual advances. I was 16, naive, hurt, and I fell for it because I thought I needed someone to cry on, and he was there. That entire year I was really fucked up and mentally ill, and he took advantage of that.

After that they’d often approach me via Skype, calling me his “good girl” and coercing me into doing things, things that, in retrospect, I wasn’t comfortable with. But I thought I owed it to him because of how “kind” he’d been to me, and he was older and more experienced and I wanted to impress him.

He encouraged me to send nudes (which, by the way, is illegal under the age of 18). I felt I had to or I’d lose his interest. He’d brag to me about the girls he’d fucked, ask me if I’d do what they’d done with him, asking me to come over to his house while his family was away, and then send me messages about how disappointed he was that I hadn’t come over, despite the fact that my parents weren’t comfortable with me traveling further than London, and that I really couldn’t afford it. He’d make me feel like crap because I couldn’t go and service his fucking dick.

There was a time when I publicly came forward about my experiences with rape. He DM’d me and made it all about him and his “crazy/psycho” ex girlfriend and it really felt like he was trying to one up me. Sure, share your experiences with people you trust if you feel comfortable in doing so, but when someone’s just opened up to you, don’t say “Oh that sucks, but hey I’ve had it worse, let me tell you about how your experiences don’t compare to mine”.

To understand what I’m about to say, you must know that all of our relationship was very hushed up. He didn’t want anybody to know about us, as if he were ashamed of me.There was a girl we both knew at the time I was having relations with Harry. She was young and infatuated with him, and from what I know about and what I can guess, had probably been manipulated too. I won’t talk in depth about her relationship with him, as it isn’t my place, or my business. But eventually she found out that we’d been physical together, and shit hit the fan. She was so angry at me, because this was my fault, obviously I’d seduced him, I was a fucking whore. Harry just stood back and let it happen, let me take all of the blame when it had mostly been him contacting me, initiating all of the sexual contact, asking me for things even when I’d said I wasn’t in the mood. I lost a friend that night. Even now things between us seem very tense.

As I mentioned earlier, I was pretty messed up that year. I’d been battling an addiction with self harm for a long time (I don’t use the word addiction lightly. I needed to hurt myself to get up, to get through the day, to get to sleep at night and so on, and if I didn’t do it I went to a much darker place and I’d panic and shiver and rock back and forth until I did). It was around the time that he was talking to me that it really flared up and I couldn’t stop and I didn’t know why. I couldn’t. I thought we were friends, so I went to him sometimes asking for help, begging him to distract me, talk me down. He always just went offline. If you can’t deal with it for your own mental health, tell me and I’ll back off. But don’t just leave when I’m suicidal as fuck and about to hurt myself and possibly even try to end my life.

The night that the girl found out about us, I felt so awful about the whole fucked up situation I was in that I tried to kill myself. Eventually I told him about it and he guilted the fuck out of me. He made me feel the need to give him sexual favours to make up for what I had done.

Finally, our relationship went offline and I went to see him. No one knew where I was. I lied to my parents and told them I was having a sleep over with a friend in London. I got scared on the last train to his station and texted one of my older friends to tell her where I was going, so at least someone knew.

So I got to his house and we were going to have sex. The foreplay happened, I got the condoms out of his draw and oh what a surprise he doesn’t want to wear one! Now where have I heard that before? So, after a pile of what sounded like bullshit excuses, he then persuades me that “I’ll pull out, it’ll be fine, don’t worry” and then got in a bit of a mood when I didn’t want to do that because it wasn’t safe. Eventually I said okay. I didn’t really want to, but I did. And then the next thing happened. My period came early. This was not my fault, I can’t control this, it’s a thing my body does. But no, he got annoyed at me. He got dressed and started ignoring me, and asking me curtly if there was any way for me to go home (there wasn’t) instead of sleeping over. I tentatively suggested that we should maybe watch a film together and just hang out, because I truly believed we were friends. He said shot down my idea. Eventually I started crying because I didn’t know what to do and I was confused and upset. So he sighs like I’m being over dramatic and he cuddles me. And I’m really not in the mood now, not after how he’s treated me. But then he starts playing with my nipples through my jumper and I’m just like “What are you doing?” and he says something along the lines of “I thought you wanted this?” and I’m just sort of laying there with my back to him while he does this to me, stiff and silent. Eventually he kisses me and encourages me to come take a shower with him and he tries to have sex with me in the shower and it doesn’t work because the shower is too small and of course this is again my fault. We end up in his room with the towel spread out on his bed and me laying on my back. And he does pull out but I fucking felt that, you didn’t do it soon enough. I spent the next few weeks scared out of my fucking mind.

I go home the next day and he’s going back to see his family so we get the train together and before he kisses me goodbye he looks around to make sure no one’s looking first.

After that the messages got less and less. He’d had me now, I wasn’t interesting anymore. I was pretty much the last on his list for a booty call because he’d gotten what he wanted, he’d had my body. I was used up.

That was my experience with him. I had to force myself not to vomit multiple times whilst writing this post. I thought I was over this, I thought I was healing, but I guess I’m not quite so much as I thought I was.

Please angels, if you ever feel used or manipulated, or if you think a friend is but they can’t see it, try your best to speak up. It’s taken me two years to speak up about this. I love you all, keep yourselves safe.

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The AMAB Wardrobe


Here is a post that AMAB trans folks might find useful. It is about how to do your makeup, feminize your voice, where to buy wigs etc.

Note 1: I have not used the shops listed myself, so I cannot give a review on them. Use the websites at your own risk and I cannot be held…

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i love this because it’s so iconic
they just look so much like the ‘characters’ of the era, and the shitty quality of the photo gives such a raw edge to the otherwise highly stylized aesthetic of ‘revenge’
they’re young and it shows, i just love it




i love this because it’s so iconic

they just look so much like the ‘characters’ of the era, and the shitty quality of the photo gives such a raw edge to the otherwise highly stylized aesthetic of ‘revenge’

they’re young and it shows, i just love it


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Latino and Black Queer people created and pioneered “gay culture” and that’s really it so please spare me the bullshit if you’re white. The only “tea” you ever spilled was back in the 1700s.

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"Maybe you’re not [heterosexual/homosexual/some kind of allosexual], maybe you’re just [insert love interests name]-sexual"





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Victim blaming is wrong. 
If you’re a survivor of sexual assault or abuse, you can get help through RAINN, a great organization. International help.

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 ”Don’t let anyone else influence your opinions: make an effort to educate yourself on the matter and decide how you feel on your own.” - Lindsey.


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